I attended a training weekend with Carolyn Macdonald this weekend at ladykirk, with our own horses - Max and Octavia. We spent 2 day with Lucy Simpson learning about horse psychology, its importance in your everyday life with your horse, together with the art of join-up. Lucy is a fabulous tutor, she brings natural horsemanship to life, and like the intrinsic learning techniques that she explains that are supposed to make the horse "teach itself" she subtlety applies those to you as a student.. Making you think and have many lightbulb moments over the 2 days. I can't recommend highly enough spending some time with Lucy. Even if you are not a Natural Horsemanship enthusiast, her insight and experience with horses are worth learning about, just to help you make sense of all those things you THiNK are unconnected. Thanks Lucy for your warmth and wisdom, we had a great weekend.

new date for longlining course 

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